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Technological innovation mechanisms and measures
System to encourage innovation and stimulate research and development

In order to give full play to the innovation enthusiasm of engineering technology, management personnel and the general staff, to ensure the effective development and consolidation of technical and management innovation, technical research and research, rationalization proposals and other work, and to promote the project results, to further standardize the management of innovation projects and improve the incentive mechanism, the system of innovation management and rationalization proposal management has been established.

R&D cooperation with higher education institutions

The company has introduced academician Xia Changliang to cooperate and built academician workstation, and established long-term and stable cooperation with Zhejiang University, Tianjin University of Technology and Hebei University of Technology, cooperating extensively in the research of new technologies, new products and new processes and project declaration, ensuring the advanced technology level of the company and establishing a solid technology research and development foundation for the company.

Technological Innovation System

The company has built a perfect technological innovation system, setting up an innovation management specialist in the technology centre and part-time innovation managers in each department, workshop and subsidiary. The Finance Centre is responsible for the accounting and review of the savings and economic value of innovation projects, as well as the reimbursement and reconciliation of the costs and expenses of innovation projects.