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YVP series inverter motor

YVP series inverter three-phase asynchronous motor is a fully enclosed independent cooling fan structure motor produced by our company. The inverter can achieve infinitely variable speed regulation of the power supply to achieve the purpose of energy saving and automatic control, which is one of the advanced AC speed regulation systems at present.


1)The junction box, machine base, end cover and wind cover are novel in style, which is conducive to noise reduction and ventilation.

2)The motor is thermally graded to 155 (F) insulation system, thus extending the service life of the motor

3)The Operating system of the motor is S1, the cooling method is IC411, the protection level of the shell is IP55 or IP56

4)Excellent starting characteristics, 5-50Hz constant torque operation, 50-100Hz constant power operation

5)Low temperature rise, high reliability, high efficiency, energy saving, safety, environmental protection, beautiful appearance

  • Operating conditions
  • Technical parameters
  • 1)Temperature: ambient air temperature varies with the season, but the maximum is +40℃, the minimum ambient air temperature is -15℃

    2)Altitude: not more than 1000m Note: When the ambient air temperature and altitude are different from the above regulations, they should be in accordance with IEC60034-1.

    3)Humidity: The average monthly maximum relative humidity of the wettest month is 90%, while the average monthly minimum temperature of the month is not higher than 25℃

    4) Rated frequency: 50Hz 5) Operating system: S16) Rated voltage: 380V


    Note: If you have special requirements for frequency, voltage, ambient air temperature, altitude, etc., please propose when ordering

  • Block number 80~355
    Rated voltage 380V
    Power 0.55kW~315kW
    Frequency 50Hz
    Number of poles 2/4p
    Energy efficiency class Variable frequency
    Speed range 5-50Hz constant torque operation, 50-100Hz constant power operation
    Operating system S1
    Protection class IP55/IP56
    Insulation class F/H
    Cooling method IC416