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"Gather the courage to meet the tide”Report on the group building activities of Jiang Chao Motor

In order to further enhance the cohesion of the company, enrich the cultural life of the staff and stimulate the enthusiasm of work. The company specially organized a group building activity with the theme of "Gather the courage to meet the tide".

On the morning of July 11, along with laughter and singing, members of the sales team of Jiang Chao Motor arrived at the Kaiyuan Resort in Qiandao Lake, and the activity was officially kicked off. First of all, the sales department conducted the first half of 2021 summary and the second half of the work plan report meeting, in enhancing confidence at the same time, let the team to further clarify the work goals and direction.

Afterwards, we carried out shooting, go-karting, trampoline and other group building activities, each activity is a great test of teamwork, we give full play to our intelligence, actively participate in cooperation, the courage to put forward their own views, for the common goal of close unity. We all gave full play to our intelligence, actively cooperated and put forward our opinions.