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Warmly welcome Mr. Chen Rugen, Secretary of the District Committee, to visit our company for research and guidance

In the afternoon of January 13, Mr. Chen Rugen, Secretary of Linping District Committee, led a team to visit our company to carry out the activity of "Helping enterprises have a good start", accompanied by Mr. Zhu Zhenwei, Member of Standing Committee of Linping District Committee, Secretary of Party Working Committee of Development Zone and Director of Management Committee.

The investigation and research personnel carried out the "Helping enterprises have a good start" activity purpose, and the person in charge of our company for in-depth exchanges, detailed enquiries about our production and operation situation and the existence of difficult problems, to help our company crack the difficulties, focusing on solving the common problems encountered in the current development of enterprises, personalized problems and deep-seated problems, with more intimate, high-quality services, to To help our company to seek development and achieve the "good start".

Chen Rugen inspected our production line, listened to our suggestions and demands face to face, and encouraged us to firmly walk our own path, focus on doing our own thing, maintain our initial intention, persevere in industry, strengthen our confidence in industry, and strengthen our strategic self-confidence, so as to continuously strengthen our enterprise development strength, technical strength and talent strength. We will keep our feet on the ground and do a good job in our main business and continuously improve our competitiveness.