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We exhibited at the 22nd Power Transmission and Control Technology Asia (PTC ASIA)

The 22nd Power Transmission and Control Technology Asia (PTC ASIA) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 31.10.2017 to 11.03.2017 for four days. 80,000 professional visitors from 70 countries and regions, continuing the "big industrial platform" model of Hannover Messe Germany --This manufacturing event will once again promote a new round of development opportunities for "China Smart Manufacturing 2025".

Established more than 50 years ago, Jiang Chao Motor is one of the first enterprises to be selected by the Ministry of Finance and the Development and Reform Commission to promote the "Energy-saving Products for the People Project", and will showcase its self-developed water-cooled inverter motors, copper rotor motors, permanent magnet motors, integrated inverter motors and special motors for compressors at PTC ASIA 2017. In the view of many industry players, this also means that Jiang Chao Motor has opened up a new industry of transformation and upgrading and innovation drive.

The formation of this advantage precisely confirms the importance of promoting supply change." In the opinion of the company's director, Jiang Chao Motor must follow the trend, grasp the main industrial direction of pumps, air compressors and gearboxes, strive to promote the supply strategy adjustment and development mode change, service high-end customers, and thus create a special motor industry benchmark.

To date, Jiang Chao Motor has formed its own brand advantages and its overseas competitiveness has been continuously enhanced. In addition to the rapid growth in domestic performance year after year, Jiang Chao Motor has successfully radiated its business to Germany, the United States, Spain, Russia, Korea, Indonesia and many other countries. With the proportion of exports increasing year by year, Jiang Chao Motor will strive for simultaneous development of international sales and domestic sales in the future to achieve the strategic development pattern of "two wings flying together".

So far, Jiang Chao Motor, which has a technical research and development system, a manufacturing system and a quality assurance system, is moving towards the development concept of "green manufacturing, energy saving and consumption reduction to promote high-efficiency motors. Focusing on the three major industries of pumps, air compressors and gearboxes, and serving high-end customers", Jiang Chao Motor aims to become a benchmark in the three major industries within five years and achieve a multiplication of performance. The opportunity has come, whether Jiang Chao Motor, which is rooted in three major fields, can continue to write a new development model for the motor industry by continuously cultivating the "key words" of energy saving and consumption reduction, we may wait and see.